Benefits of Hydroseeding


Hydroseeding is easily the most cost effective way to ensure your property has a beautiful lawn. The hydroseeding process from start to finish typically costs 50-75% less than sodding and when coupled with the reduced labour needs, it is a great way to get results without breaking the bank.


The unique application process of Hydroseeding allows for optimal germination of the grass seed by ensuring constant seed to soil contact during the initial stages of growth. This allows the grass to establish deep roots in the native soil and avoids the soil “shock” that can sometimes occur with sod.


Hydroseeding allows the client to take a hands off approach to achieving the results they desire. Sodding, in most cases, requires hours of installation by either the contractor or the customer. Hydroseeding typically takes only a couple of hours and requires absolutely no labour from the customer.


One of the great features of Hydroseeding is that it can be applied virtually anywhere and for a variety of different reasons. From residential lawns to city parks, flat ground to uneven embankments, Hydroseeding can do it all. Coupled with a large selection of different seeds available to fit your need, satisfaction is guaranteed.


The slurry used in Hydroseeding holds up to 10 times its weight in water! This water is then slowly released into the ground, allowing for the root system of the seeds to grow deeply into the soil. This drastically reduces the amount of water required for growth compared to the constant watering of sod and hand seeded lawns.

In addition to Hydroseeding, we also provide the following services:

  • Broadcast Seeding
  • Drill Seeding
  • Sprinkler Installation
  • Top Soil Services
  • Bobcat Services

Hydroseeding is the precise combination of grass seed, fertilizer, wood mulch, and water that is mixed together to form a thick slurry.  This nutrient rich mixture is then sprayed uniformly onto the ground using this hydroseeding machine.  Hydroseeding process from start to finish typically costs 50-75% less than sodding.

Hydroseeding is ideal for:

  • Residential Lawns
  • Acreages & Farms
  • Commercial Green Space
  • Industrial Projects
  • Level and Uneven Embankments
  • Erosion Control
  • City Parks
  • & Much More
T30 Hydro Seeder

Stages of a Residential Project

New Beginnings

The residential lawn is prepped for work.
Beginning of Project


The lawn is sprayed uniformly.

Top Soil

Top soil added after sprinkler install.
Sprinklers and Top Soil

Final Stage

Lush lawn after 6 weeks.
End Result